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…Educate your readers with engaging blogposts and articles.


…Convert your readers into customers on your website.


…Make it personal by delivering useful content in the inbox.


…Become a thought leader within your industry.

What I can do for you?

Imagine what ranking on the top page of Google means to you and to your brand.

What would happen if you develop a human touch with your customers? How much does it benefit you?   

I help you develop a personal connection with your readers and customers, through my writing.

Let me show you some of the results I’ve achieved, through writing. I’ll explain a few strategies in brief.

Results and Case Study

Ranking on Google #1

On my travel blog(, I managed to rank on the 1st page of Google, thanks to valuable and SEO optimized content. 

Notice the keyword I’m ranking for. It’s a long tail keyword which has a more focused user intent.

How many days it took me to rank? Around 2 months.

Top 1-5 ranking on Google

Again you see a long tail keyword but I’ve ranked in the top 5 spots. Notice how “Jump to FAQ section pops up under my article.”

It took me 3 months to end up in the top 5 ranks. It takes more than good content to rank on Google. 

I was the only person to run the blog and hence couldn’t compete with sites(like tripadvisior) with a higher budget and resources.

My 3 best niches

Medium is one of my favorite platforms to write. Why? Because it focuses on great writing.

This is my article on chess, management and leadership – my 3 best niches. I’ve tremendous experience in all 3 of them..

If you want an article from either of the niche, you’ve hit gold.

If you want an article combining all the three niches, you’ve hit jackpot with me.

Why Me?

Research and Psychology Skills

I’ve spent 2000+ hours decoding an opponent’s psychology, finding patterns in his behavior, his “hot” buttons, his dreams and his fears. 

This helps your brand build real connection with your readers, through your content and with my words.


Understanding You and Your Readers

“What’s my opponent dreaming about?” – It’s the most asked question in my mind.

Through words, let me solve your reader’s problems so that both, you and your readers can fulfill your dreams and live a better life.

All-round Writing Skills

From writing emails which decided getting an invitation for a tournament to pouring raw emotions in a journal, I’ve a diverse writing style.

This will help your brand to craft copy on various formats, each which requires a different style.



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I want to connect you with your readers and customers. 

Are you ready?