How to write 100% original-but-cliche articles with zero value?

And why more than cliché we need authentic writers?

This cliché article is a no-brainer, which I can pump out even half asleep.

Let me tell you by the end of this article, you’ll realize how easy it is to write such a terrible article and convince your reader that your article has bought value. In reality, the article has hardly said something unique(apart from Be Unique). 

With this, I want to point out why we need authentic content creators who deliver value rather than merely state clichés.

Let me show you how easy it is to give advice which is as good as common sense. Makes sense? 

Read my most inauthentic article. It’s one which I’ll be ashamed of.

But wait, let me select the most cliched subject – How to be succe.. “How to thrive in your life and conquer your worries?”

Yeah boy! You see how I deleted successful and added thrive and conquer? I want to pump you up. Now let’s get started. No wait… read my heading again, this time in bold –

How to thrive in your life and conquer your worries

Now let’s roll the ball. The most cliched way to become more successful in life –

  1. Work hard – This one everyone knows but few people actually follow. I want to share the same old advice with you. Why aren’t you working hard? Invest 10,000 hours in something you’re passionate about and you’ll be called an expert in your field of choice. 

And if you haven’t heard it anywhere, let me remind you with the classic – “There’s no substitute for hardwork.”

  1. Be confident – Everyone’s throwing the word confidence. I’m a shameless writer. So I’ll throw it too. 

Have confidence and you’ll impress your boss. 

Have confidence so that you can build your own business. 

And have confidence and the opposite sex will love you. 

You know what? Confidence will change your life. 

  1. Be yourself – You are the most unique person on earth. Did you ever know that? I’m reminding you of that. Send me a thank you later.

Be unique and the people who are meant to show up in your life will eventually show up. Your gifts are unique and you’ve to share your gifts with the world. It’s your responsibility.

  1. Work on your passion – Passion is something which all of us have. You have it too. Find it and explore it. They say the best way to make money is by working on your passions. Forget they say. I say it. Why? Because you’ll never run out of gas when you work on something you’re passionate about. That’s true. Because I said so.

Exercise, practice meditation and it’ll improve your life. But that’s for the next part of my article.

Did your brain shoot dopamine? I hope this article triggered your brain in releasing that reward hormone. I want to motivate you and become your go-to-guy. Keep coming back for my content because I inject a shot of dopamine in your head. You feel happy with me, reading my articles.

Okay enough of it. Let me say what I always wanted to share with you.

My Only Message To You After Writing A Cliché Post

If the above content was a waste of time, this section won’t be. I read content like this a lot. It needs to stop. Clichés aren’t going to help the reader’s life. 

They’re repetitive and probably the reader has read it somewhere already. Maybe they’re a good reminder. I give them that. But that doesn’t make someone a good writer. 

A good writer is authentic. His/her writing shows that he cares for his readers. They want to help people. They don’t bark advice which is cliched. 

And when they do give cliched advice, they promise to bring a unique perspective.

If you’ve grasped the last message, this article wasn’t a waste of time. After all, I care about you to bring a unique perspective 😉

P.S – I even write clichés in the most original ways. Here’s the proof.

unique proof cliche
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