Chess Writer : 5 reasons why your chess brand needs one

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A good chess writer has the potential to change your business through his words. You can have the best technology or a great product. But you’ll need a writer who bridges the gap between you and your audience. 

Chess writing today isn’t restricted only to books or magazines, like it was in the past. New avenues have opened up. And this has created a demand for good chess writers. A chess writer can help everyone. Even if you’re a chess coach, a good writer can make a huge difference for you. 

Read on to discover the 5 reasons for why your chess business needs a great writer.

1. Create Valuable Content on the Web

You might’ve heard of content is king. It’s the oldest known truth. A good writer’s main priority is to create valuable content, which people will love to read and share.

Think about Chessbase India for a moment. Sagar Shah first started a Facebook page posting valuable content around chess. Today almost everyone in India reads Chessbase India’s articles and interviews. And one part of Chessbase India’s success strategy is its great written content. 

2. Meet the modern standards of writing

New platforms have opened up. If your business has an established presence on different platforms, meeting the technical aspect of writing becomes even more important today. Website articles, blogs, social media posts have become new sources of consuming information.

Today writers must not only know grammar, but also the technical aspect of writing. It’s very easy to get banned for posting wrong information on the web. A good writer is equipped with the knowledge of the best practices for publishing content on the web and on social media. 

3. They are your brand’s best publicist

A writer who is committed to creating high value content is also the best publicist for your business. Think about it – You’ve hired a writer to write chess content for you. He/She does a great job of writing that. When people ask them to suggest chess content, where do you think these writers are going to point? If they enjoy writing for your brand, most likely, they will recommend your brand.

I’ve seen it happen very often. One of the coaches I worked with, was working for still works with them). He would recommend all the tools to use. Later I took a paid subscription and discovered even more awesome features. If it weren’t for him, wouldn’t have been a go-to website of mine back then. 

Can you guess who the person is? I’ve dropped enough clues for you to find out. But I’ll give you one more, he’s verified on Twitter. Drop his name in the comments, if you know him. 🙂

4. A chess writer can reuse content for different platforms

Does your chess business produce content in different formats? Or does your business produce content for only one format? In either case, a good writer can reuse the content and distribute it on different platforms.

Even if you make only YouTube videos, your writer can write a video title and video description which will attract your audience and pull you up in the search algorithm. He/She could also use the same content and post it on other platforms to drive more traffic and engagement. When it comes to repurposing content on different platforms, a good writer does that.

For example – Writing content on a website or in a book or on a social media post, is different and requires different writing skills. A good writer can take one piece of content and repurpose it for different platforms – In emails, chess forums and social media posts.  

5. Build your business legacy for years to come

If you’re in the chess field, think about the best chess books which almost every grandmaster has read. Tell me which names popped up in your head? 

Mark Dvorestky and his Endgame Manual? Garry Kasparov and his Volumes on My Great Predecessor? Now think about the chess culture they come from – The Soviet Chess Culture.

They were great players, no doubt. But if they hadn’t shared their knowledge, Soviet Chess Culture wouldn’t have the kind of reputation it enjoys today. They were great players. But they also were great chess writers. And their writing has built the Soviet chess legacy.

Are you looking for a chess writer?

Through words, a good writer builds your business. Don’t underestimate this incredible superpower. 

If you’re looking for a writer who understands chess, you have landed at the right place. I can help you write –

  1. Well annotated chess games with important variations and crisp commentary.
  2. Content for blogs, articles, social media posts
  3. E-books(including Amazon Kindle version), Magazines
  4. Ghostwrite chess books and blogs
  5. Course and Product Descriptions

Get in touch with me today and let’s take your chess brand to the new level.

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