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9 Lessons Chess Can Teach You About Management

This post was originally published on my medium blog in December.I have been a chess player for most of my ...
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Chess Improvement: 7 Strategies for Beginners

Chess improvement for beginners can be challenging. There are so many things to learn and you have no idea where ...
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Chess Writer : 5 reasons why your chess brand needs one

A good chess writer has the potential to change your business through his words. You can have the best technology ...
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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin

The more bitcoin gains in value, the more and more people flock to buy more bits. And every week we ...
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How to write 100% original-but-cliche articles with zero value?

And why more than cliché we need authentic writers? This cliché article is a no-brainer, which I can pump out ...
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King safety in Chess – From Tata Steel Chess Tournament

King safety in chess should be one of your most, if not the most important priority in chess. The king ...
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How to apply for a chess competition?

Lately, a few of my friends have been asking me on how to apply for chess competitions. Post-pandemic, they started ...
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Funny things write in your gratitude journal

25 Funny Things to Be Thankful for

There are so many funny things to be thankful for in this world. One is: You’re alive and are reading ...
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Practice Gratitude – A Practical Guide for a Happy Life

You may be hammered with this message - “Practice Gratitude”, “Gratitude will change your life.” Everywhere you turn to, from ...
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10 Things We Know After India’s Historic Victory at Gabba

Picture Credits : BCCI India’s victory in the 4th Test v/s Australia, in Australia, at the Gabba, will go down ...
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