About Me

Hi, I’m Ranveer. 

I write content for brands and individuals which connects with their audience, creates trust and converts readers into customers.

You may also know me as the chess player. Yes, I’m also an international chess player.

My story

How I started in content writing?

In March 2020, as a chess professional, the pandemic bought chess tournaments to a halt. This meant that there were no real tournaments to play so I started exploring other options.

“What is it that I’m good at apart from chess?” I asked.

Chess was the only thing I knew so I reframed this question – 

"What skills apart from playing the game, has chess taught me?"

To my surprise, there were a lot of skills. Here’s a list of what I could find –

  • Writing (Putting thoughts, emotions into words and saving it in a Chessbase)
  • Researching (Analyzing my opponents, spending hours on strategizing to find a way to beat them) 
  • Leading and managing (Helping my team win the University Championship for 5 consecutive years)
  • Reading (I’ve read countless books to improve my game, both – chess books and regular books)

What to do now?

Then this picture came to mind… 

This best sums up what I do when I’m not thinking.

On self-reflection, I found that writing would be a great fit for me. Especially writing which helps me use a part of my brain, do research and put my ideas into words. 

That sounds very similar to chess. So I asked myself another question – 

"But can I help people with this?"

Yes I definitely can! That’s why people write blogs. Travel blogs were what I used to read before travelling to any new city.

So I launched a travel blog with a friend, to document all travel experiences in a way that it helps people. It turns out opening a travel blog requires a lot of efforts than just writing and publishing. It was frustrating.

Another friend of mine, had already launched 2 chess blogs. During the frustrating time, he kept motivating me, not only through his words but also from his actions.

He had an “action-first, fix-later” philosophy. When I was worried about my website breaking up, I’d remember his words – “What happens if you mess up? Nothing, you rebuild it – naked and in front of a live audience.”

This helped me overcome my perfectionist attitude, experiment with new things and learn along the way.

When I managed my travel blog and wrote, I learned a few important skills in digital marketing –

  • SEO optimized writing
  • Building a website on WordPress
  • Understanding email marketing  
  • Understanding social media marketing
  • Using Canva for designing

At one point, I tried to manage everything but then decided to focus only on the writing aspect. I kept learning everyday, adding new skills to my repertoire, taking online courses and improving my existing skillset. 

Very soon, I landed my first client who wanted a website copy for his real estate business.

And that’s how my journey began in the world of content writing.

And what about your chess journey?

The chess journey is a long one. I’ve spent 13 years of my life improving my chess.

I’ve played in a lot of international tournaments and represented my country there. It’s a proud feeling 🙂

One of my most memorable event is the World University Chess Championship in Aracaju, Brazil 2018. I wore the Indian blazer. It was a proud moment for me to represent my country at one of the top events in the world.

The Indian blazer inspired me so much, that I outperformed my own expectations and finished 13th in the super strong international event. The whole trip to Brazil changed my life. 

I went through a lot of ups and downs throughout my chess career. I’ve had my share of terrible results as well. It’s a part of life. I believe in giving my best and learning from the setbacks.

One day, I’d love to talk about my whole chess life, in great detail. I’d need more than an about section to write about my chess journey. You can view my chess profile on FIDE. You’ll find out my entire chess history there, from my rating to what international tournaments I’ve played.

My FIDE elo is currently 2277.

But for now, let’s stick to writing.