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Hi, I am Ranveer. I write words which solves problems.

Do you need content which connects and solves the problems of your readers and customers?

I write content which helps your brand connect with your audience, create trust by solving their problems and convert them into your customers. 

I’ve helped many individuals and brands. Now I want to help you. 

Many of you may know me as a chess player. Yes, I play chess internationally and I’ve represented my country at international chess events in the world. 

How I can help You?

Blogs and Articles

Educate your readers with engaging blogposts and articles.


Convert your readers into customers through your website.

Email Campaigns

Make it personal by delivering useful content in the inbox.


Become a thought leader within your industry.

Why Me?

Research and Psychology Skills

I’ve spent 2000+ hours decoding an opponent’s psychology, finding patterns in his behavior, his “hot” buttons, his dreams and his fears. 

This helps your brand build real connection with your readers, through your content and with my words.


Understanding You and Your Readers

“What’s my opponent dreaming about?” – It’s the most asked question in my mind.

Through words, let me solve your reader’s problems so that both, you and your readers can fulfill your dreams and live a better life.

All-round Writing Skills

From writing emails which decided getting an invitation for a tournament to pouring raw emotions in a journal, I’ve a diverse writing style.

This will help your brand to craft copy on various formats, each which requires a different style.



Ranveer Mohite was my captain at West Zone Inter university chess championship 2018. He is a person who always takes care of his teammates, checking on who is the best one to field for the match. He is always ready to outthink his opponents when demanded. Knowing him since a long time, I’ve seen him doing in depth research before he gives his words. His article on how to judge a chess guru is a perfect example of his perspectives and meticulous writing. I even approach him at times for my articles!

Akhilesh Nagare
Co- founder, Chessarticle

Very pleased with the writing!

Michael McLaughlin
MCM Properties

The writing is excellent, far exceeded expectation. Master Chess player and also a great writer.

William Steele
Chess Journal

Ready to change your brand’s future? Get in touch with me.

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